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The Whiz Store Buylist


We are always buying Magic cards and sealed product!! ALWAYS!

The Whiz Store is always buying and our list is updated daily. We buy anything, whether entire collections or just a few selected cards. No buy order is too small! If you cannot find something on our buy list, or if you have questions about specialty items, or on the process of selling us something, please contact usWe respond to any and all emails within a single business day, most of the time within a few hours.

Store Credit Bonus

The Whiz Store offers a 25% BONUS in store credit on all non-bulk cards sold us. Store credit is good for anything on our website as well as any non-discounted item in our store (credit cannot be used for event entry or items on sale.) Your store credit will never expire so feel free to save it up if there is nothing that we currently have in stock that interests you.

Some Things to Remember 

  1. We offer payment via PayPal, Check, or Store Credit. 
  2. We give 25% more in trade on all non-Bulk items. Store credit is good for anything on our website as well as any non-discounted item in our store (credit cannot be used for event entry or sale items.) Your store credit will never expire so feel free to save it up if there is nothing that we currently have in stock that interests you.
  3. We update our prices daily. We intend to be competitive on every card. 
  4. If you have any questions or concerns about selling cards to us or even just a way for us to improve our buylist, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help and always looking to improve.   
  5. If you submit a buylist to us, please do not reply to the confirmation email. We won't be able to see your reply. Instead please contact us.

Our Grading Scale

Near Mint (NM): Cards in Near Mint condition show minimal to no wear from shuffling, play or handling and should have an unmarked surface, crisp corners, and unblemished edges outside of minimal handling. Cards in NM condition look fresh out of the pack, and edges and surface should be nearly free from all flaws.

Lightly Played (LP): Cards in Lightly Played condition show minor wear, or a flaw visible to the naked eye. Cards in Lightly Played condition may have mild border wear, minor corner wear, slight scratching or scuffing, but not any major defects or numerous flaws. 

Moderately Played (MP): Cards in Moderately Played condition show moderate wear, or flaws visible to the naked eye. Cards in MP condition may have moderate border wear, mild corner wear, water damage, inking, scratching or scuffing, creases or whitening, or any combination of mild examples of these defects.

Heavily Played (HP): Cards in Heavily Played condition show a severe amount of wear. Heavily Played cards can include cards that have have been written on, have major creasing, folding, heavy water damage, heavy whitening, heavy border wear, major inking (white-bordered cards that are markered on front to look black-bordered), or tearing.

Damaged (D): Cards in Damaged condition can exhibit a tear, bend, or crease that may make the card illegal for tournament play, even in a sleeve. Cards in Damaged condition may have extreme border wear or inking, extreme corner wear, heavy scratching or scuffing, folds, creases or tears.

Autographs: Opinions vary as to whether or not autographs enhance or detract from the value of a card. For The Whiz Store, cards signed by an author, the card designer, or other notable Magic personalities are graded as if they are not autographed. Cards signed by anyone else are considered Damaged. If you are selling us autographed cards, you MUST note which cards are autographed and by whom in the description field of the shopping cart, otherwise we will consider the card Damaged upon receipt.

Please double check your cards for condition before sending them in. We try to be fair and accurate in our grading, and we get a lot of practice at it so we think we're pretty reliable! The best way to avoid grading disagreements is to ship us only near mint cards, which makes things easy and convenient for everyone. In the case of grading disputes, we reserve the right to return your cards to you at your expense

All prices listed on our buylist, including bulk, are for English cards in NM, LP, or MP condition. We are currently not purchasing any foreign, heavily played or damaged cards via our website. If you are interested in selling us foreign, heavily played or damaged cards, we would be more than happy to give you a quote in person at our store. If we receive any foreign, heavily played or damaged cards, we reserve the right to discount the buy price up to 75% or to return them to you at your expense.



Bulk Buy Prices (Near Mint)

Any MTG Common, Uncommon or Basic Land - $4.00 per 1000

Any MTG Rare, Mythic Rare or Promo - $0.10

Any FOIL MTG Common, Uncommon or Basic Land - $0.03

Any FOIL MTG Rare or Mythic Rare - $0.25


How to Sell Cards to The Whiz Store

1. You must be in selling mode on the website!! You will see a gray box in the left-hand margin that reads: "Buylist Mode" and another note that "You're currently viewing our Buylist Mode”. If you see that, then you are selling us cards instead of buying them.

2. Use the product tree on the left or the drop down search bar at the top (make sure that ‘buylist’ is checked) to quickly and easily find the cards that you’d like to sell us. When you find the card you wish to sell, simply add the appropriate number of the card to the Sell Cart.

3. To edit your cart or checkout, simply click on the “edit or sell” button within the dropdown cart box at the top.

4. Follow the on screen instructions to finish your sell order.

5. Please wait for the confirmation email to arrive. After your buylist is submitted, we will double-check that all prices are accurate and that we still need the cards listed. It may take us up to two business days to process your buylist (but usually takes much less time.) Please read the confirmation email carefully, as The Whiz Store reserves the right to make changes to both the price and the quantity of cards we will buy. If you do not receive a confirmation email within two business days, please contact us so we can manually confirm the status of your buylist.

6. Please sort your cards into the EXACT ORDER PRINTED ON YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL. (This is also a good way to verify that you are sending us only what we wish to buy.) Print out the confirmation email and include it with your cards. If the confirmation email is not included, we reserve the right to deduct a penalty of up to 10% of the card value, due to extra time spent finding locating and processing your sell order. In egregious cases, where there is a huge buylist with the cards grossly out of order, we will (at our sole discretion) either return the cards to you COD, or assess additional penalties of up to 25% of card value. We will do our best to contact you before processing your buylist if we intend to return it or assess a penalty. If cards are missing from your buylist, we will deduct the price of the card from the list. If additional cards are found in the buylist, we will value those cards at our buylist price minus 10%.

7. We will assess your cards in the condition we receive them. Thus, it is important to package your cards safely and securely to prevent damage during shipment. We recommend the use of plastic card cases or cardboard trading card boxes. Please make sure that all cards are de-sleeved as this greatly speeds up the process of evaluating your cards so we can pay you. Please note that zip lock bags and rubber bands do not really protect your cards, and will often actually do damage while in shipment. Small buylists of high value cards are best put in plastic toploaders sealed in bubble mailers.

8. All packages are to be shipped at the seller's expense to the following address:

The Whiz Store
Attn: Card Buyer
122 Turnpike Rd
Westborough, MA 01581

Tracking and/or insurance are highly suggested. We obviously cannot pay for items which never make it to us.

9. We know that everyone is busy, and sometimes actually shipping your cards is an errand which may be delayed due to other life issues. However, card prices are often quite volatile, so we can only hold our prices for 7 business days. The clock starts running when we send our acceptance email, so please try to ship your cards to us promptly. We reserve the right to alter our quoted prices if we receive your cards after 7 business days from acceptance. 

10. We will confirm receiving your package via email. After we grade your cards and have determined a final value, we will email you with the updated total. This process is usually quick, but may take as long as two business days. It is worth repeating: We buy only near mint, light play, or moderately played English cards from our website, and we reserve the right to heavily discount or return cards not meeting this criteria. If our grading process reduces the originally quoted price by more than 10%, we will email you about the updated value. If we do not receive a reply within two business days, we will assume you consent to the reduced price and will continue to process your submission. 

11. We offer payment via PayPal, Check, or Store Credit. Please note that Paypal payments may incur additional fees. Payments will be sent out within two business days of sending you the final value email.